For a Truly Unique and Thrilling Experience, You Can Fly in a Spitfire

Fly in a Spitfire to Enjoy Truly Incredible and Authentic Experiences

Ever since it’s introduction to the RAF in 1938, the Spitfire has won the hearts of the people with its iconic design and fighting capabilities. During the Battle of Britain they outperformed the rival ME109s, shooting down a reported 529 enemy aircraft and impressed all those who flew them. To this day, they remain icons, wowing fans and spectators with their unique profile, sound, and flying ability.

How many times have you watched a flying display featuring a Spitfire or Hurricane fighter and wished that you had the opportunity to experience flying in an iconic piece of engineering? For those who truly appreciate the work that went into building the Spitfire and what it achieved in such a short space of time, you no longer need to dream about them. There are a variety of ways in which you can fly in a Spitfire and experience exactly what pilots did 70 years ago.

Hangar Tours

While this won’t actually allow you to fly in a Spitfire, a hangar tour is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the heroic planes that protected England’s shores. During a hangar tour, you’ll get guided access to Spitfires and possibly Hurricanes depending on the location.

Engineers will describe the painstaking process of restoring an original warbird, and you can hear just how far they go to preserve the original pieces of the plane. As part of a hangar tour, you will also get the opportunity to sit in a fully functioning Spitfire. This is a great introduction to the iconic aircraft and one of the best ways to see one up close and personal.

Try a Flying Experience

The next way to experience a Spitfire is to book a Spitfire flight. This way, you can actually fly in a Spitfire and truly experience what young men and women did during the last world war.

To get the most out of your Spitfire flight experience, you should look for ones that use original planes to give you the most authentic experience possible. There are great fight experiences over the English Channel and the white cliffs of Dover, both of which are iconic areas for original Spitfire pilots. In addition, you can enjoy flying in formation with another Spitfire or perhaps, for the ultimate in Spitfire experience, you can join a fighter appreciation flight.

Unless you are a trained pilot, these are the two best ways in which you can experience flying in a Spitfire. No matter which flying experience you choose, you take home memories of being in a true to life Spitfire. For more information, contact a Spitfire flight academy who can guide you through your options.


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