Spitfire Flights Recommended for the High-Flying Adventurers Seeking Something New

One Off the Adventure Bucket List: Fly High with Spitfire Flights

Having the opportunity to ride a spitfire is certainly something that’s one for the books. This British single-seat fighter aircraft is historic in its own right, having been used to defend Britain by no less than the Royal Air Force during World War II.

If you’re a history buff and an intrepid, high-flying explorer, therefore, this should be a great ride to take. Even if you’re not exactly inclined to flying fighter planes, you may be surprised to find how enjoyable it is. For all you know, you might get hooked on it too such that you’ll want to take up flying as a new hobby or interest.

High-Flying Adventures

One of the reasons why spitfire adventures are so in demand is because of the history associated with these fighter planes. Being inside one, however, is an experience all in itself. Should you fancy yourself manning the cockpit of such a powerful, flying machine, you can at the very least get as up close and personal as you can.

More than enjoying the view high up above, however, there are plenty more other reasons why you should give flight tours a try.


It may seem contradictory given how plane-flying seems like such an adrenaline-packed activity. However, gliding over plains and various landscapes can elicit a very calm and relaxed experience. Even if there may be exciting twists and turns, these can still promote relaxation, particularly in the context of clearing your mind from whatever worries you may have left down below.

New Experience

For those who are feeling depressed and looking for something new to do, taking spitfire flights can be that monotony-breaking activity they’ve been looking for. Hiking, running, swimming, and other activities on land are very common precisely because of the ease of access to the environment. As such, they tend to feel redundant and tiresome.
Going up to occasionally experience a flight tour, however, is guaranteed to offer an exciting new adventure that not only lifts a person up into the skies, but also literally uplifts their mood and disposition. At the very least, it should be worth a shot to try something new.

The best way to experience a spitfire flight is by keeping an open and clear mind, and by trusting the pilot manning the aircraft. Just let loose and enjoy yourself, and maybe even get into aerial photography so that you’ll have something to remember the experience by.

Companies like Boultbee Flight Academy offer the flying adventure of a lifetime. Get yourself ready to take flight.


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