Spitfire Flights: Reminders of Victory and Sources of New Experiences

The history of the United Kingdom is riddled with vicious battles against foreign aggressors, mostly during the past World Wars. The Second World War earned the nation one of the most significant triumphs in history: the victory over Germany during the Battle of Britain. For the most part, Britain owes this achievement to what was then the pinnacle of technology: the Spitfire.

A recently posted article for HelloMagazine.com featured Prince Harry’s experience flying and riding a Spitfire. The Spitfire flight was in conjunction with the launching of a Spitfire Flight Scholarship for wounded ex-servicemen, a project run by Boultbee Flight Academy in partnership with The Royal Foundation’s Endeavour Fund. The purpose of the program is to honour and inspire the wounded, injured, and sick service personnel and veterans.

Sources of New Experiences

Design and Popularity

During his flights, Prince Harry admitted to have not flown such a vintage aircraft before. Despite his vast experiences flying fighter jets throughout his ten-year service in the armed forces, Prince Harry found himself a stranger to the navigation features of a Spitfire, so much so that an experienced pilot had to take over to do the nerve-racking tricks.

Such unfamiliarity can’t be helped. Aviation technology has greatly evolved over the last 60 years, and a pilot trained to manoeuvre the latest aviation systems may not be experienced enough to control a Spitfire. For this reason, a separate flight training program is required for anyone who wants to use a Spitfire, regardless of their flight hours.

Opportunity for Everyone

Not everyone has the wealth to buy one of the few remaining Spitfires on the market today. With this in mind, institutions like Boultbee Flight Academy are committed to preventing Spitfire flights from being the exclusive privilege of the moneyed.

In choosing a Spitfire flight training school, it’s crucial to determine the expertise of the trainers as well as the provider’s capacity to ensure actual flying experience. For instance, established organisations like Boultbee Flight Academy consist of military, ex-military, and civilian instructors who are trained to simplify the lessons to help trainees to learn how to fly a Spitfire quickly and safely.

(Source: Prince Harry loops the loop during thrilling Spitfire flight: video, HelloMagazine.com)


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